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A table ready for a dinner Restaurant Back Pocket
Our restaurant is definitely the heart of our hotel, and our biggest outlet for expressing our creativity and playfulness. Here, every morning starts with the ritual of preparing the sourdough for the evening dinner.

After that the planning and preparing of our dishes can start. We deeply believe in freshness and simplicity when it comes to food. That’s why we always start out every morning from a blank sheet and from scratch, sometimes even letting the menu take form throughout the day and the working process. According to us, there is simply no other way to give justice to all the wonderful raw materials we have around.

We promise that you, too, will understand what we mean when enjoying a dinner at our restaurant.

Hope to see you soon!
Our menu


  • Underbart god och bra komponerad mat. Härlig kombination av krispighet och mjukhet i rätterna.
    Lena Brenner
  • En verklig kulinarisk upplevelse.
    Ralf Juslin

Food as a form of art

I was raised in a home of artists, where art and culture have always been around. As long as I can remember, I have known that I wanted to work with art and creativity. After trying out many different disciplines, I finally found my own artistic identity as a chef. For me, cooking represents a multidimensional art form that includes so many things; the visual aspect, the thoughts behind the dish, the combinations of textures and flavours, and all temperature variations between hot and cold!

By painting and building an eatable image using all these elements, I want to take people on a voyage to revive old childhood memories and create new impressions and taste experiences.

The journey that brought me here started when I was 16 years old and discovered the joy and creativity that the cooking offered me. After studying and working at the nowadays three-star Michelin restaurant Franzén in Stockholm, I decided to return to Korpo and start my own project. Restaurant Back Pocket was born in Hotel Nestor.
Willam Hellgren gastronomy artist
William Hellgren laughing with his arms crossed