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Art exhibitions
in summer 2017

Laura Pulli, Gugge Wasenius & Leenakaisa Pulli – In the Shadow of Your Self



Previous exhibitions

Summer 2016

Alison Wiklund – Celebrating the Unique Finnish Archipelago


Summer 2015

Pia Rousku – Maalauksia ja lasia


Summer 2014

Timo O: Nenonen


Barefootpath Contemporary Art Exhibition 2014

Antti Laitinen – Kaisu Koivisto – Timo O: Nenonen


Summer 2013

Renja Leino – Processes


Summer 2012

Environment Art – Barefootpath 2012


Summer 2011

Kimmo Ylönen – Puuveistos
Sandra Nyberg – Maalauksia
Pia Rousku – Lasi Niitty

Contemporary Art Archipelago


Summer 2010

Anni Wikberg, Ann-christin Waller, Åland and Catharina Nygård, Sweden, pictures and stories.

Antonia Ringbom, Korpo, Illustrator and director, Ecolo and Isola m.m.

Helbe Pajari, Korpo, Textile designer, Viking stories.

Pia Rousku, Painter and Glas artist. Play in glas.